David Duane Releases New Single “All Of You” From “Unapologetic Blonde Deluxe”

David Duane is back with his new single “All Of You” from his latest album, “Unapologetic Blonde (Deluxe Version),” out now via David Duane / Kalin Miguel. Download / Stream here

“All Of You” tells the heartfelt story of a man who finally finds the woman of his dreams after a long and arduous search for love. It encapsulates feelings of joy, relief, and unwavering affection in a beautifully crafted musical composition.

To bring this heartfelt single to life, David Duane has joined forces with producer Alvin Ryze’s prodigious talents, crafting a sound that’s both fresh and deeply resonant. The partnership between Duane’s lyrical sincerity and Ryze’s sonic expertise creates a mesmerizing blend of music that’s hard to forget.

The single is further enriched with two additional versions that cater to different tastes; a sped-up rendition for those who prefer an upbeat tempo, and an electric guitar version that adds a rockier edge to the love-filled anthem.

“With this single, I wanted to write a record about looking for love everywhere—like people do, on the streets, in the club, and scrolling on social media. I’m not looking for love in those spaces, but I’ve been looking to find that special one, and I hope she finds this record and receives this message,” says Duane.

Get into this new single from David Duane as he’s just warming the world up for what’s to come with this trilogy experience & more.