DDG Threatens Trolls Leaving Negative Comments After Sharing First Photo Of Son Halo 

DDG and Halle Bailey shared the first official photos of their adorable little boy Halo after keeping his face from the world for the first six months. 

On Wednesday (July 3), the proud parents released photos and videos of the baby, including pictures from their recent trip to Europe.  

“Halo’s first time in italy,” the singer wrote alongside photos of the happy family.  

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DDG also shared more precious moments from baby Halo’s first six months in a vlog on his YouTube channel, including a video of his first lineup.

He also addressed the negative comments he and The Little Mermaid actress have received about their son. The new father is “overly protective” and explained he will do anything to protect his son, going in on the trolls in a fierce rant. 

“I read a few comments and I know I got the best looking son in the entire world. Like there’s no baby out there that’s more handsome than my son,” DDG said around the 22:30 minute mark.

“But I seen a few poor broke dirty fatback b###### on Instagram talking about my son and it just it just make me so angry and mad,” he continued. “But then I have to realize that my son is richer than them. He has a more successful life.” 

DDG boasted about little Halo’s privileged life before threatening the trolls in no uncertain terms.  

“Make sure you keep that on the internet, cuz I’ll kill you in real life,” he said. But I don’t want to come over here and be super-duper negative. It’s just I’m very protective over my son, I’m protective over family in general. But my son I’m like overly protective, like crash out protective.” 

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