Did Drake’s OVO Homie Just Fire Off Warning Shot Amid Future & Metro Boomin Feud?

Rumored OVO shooter Baka Not Nice has broken his silence amid the swirling pseudo-beef between Drake, Future and Metro Boomin.

In a series of Instagram Story posts with aggressive overtones, the “Live Up To My Name” rapper appeared to address the overwhelming response to Kendrick Lamar’s bars dissing Drake and J. Cole on Future and Metro Boomin’s We Don’t Trust You track “Like That.” In his initial message, Baka seemingly made it known that he’s ready and willing to shoot the fade with any and everyone who has an issue with him, while also making it known how he views the new generation of rappers.

“You new [ninja emoji] kill me,” he wrote. “Y’all talk like b*tches. I’ll see any of you [ninja emoji] dolo. No phones, juss tump box & kick. Come to the back [ninja emoji] … Play if you want. You know me. I’ll clap it.”

Baka also appeared to directly address Lamar’s reference that there is now “big three” between he and Drizzy and Cole and that he’s the biggest artist in the world in another story post.

“Ain’t nothing bigger than the O. Nothing.#OVOSound,” he wrote.

Finally, in another post, Baka also appeared to go directly at Metro, writing “Pick a side? [Ninja emoji} We don’t pick we slide unalive [Ninja emoji].”

Prior to Baka’s Instagram Stories campaign, Metro recently tweeted, “Once you pick a side stay there.. #WEDONTTRUSTYOU.” Additionally fans believe they have uncovered the woman who allegedly sparked the beef between Drake and Future and Metro and have sinced exposed the woman, believed to go by the name Princess.

Check out the posts below outlining the theory about woman who supposedly caused the entire beef.

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