Did Mustard Just Hint Kendrick Lamar Has Yet Another Drake Diss In His Arsenal?

For all those complaining about Kendrick Lamar’s “boring” diss tracks—”euphoria,” “6:16 in LA” and “Meet the Grahams”—he returned with his fourth Drake b####-slap, “Not Like Us,” on Friday (May 4). This one, produced by Mustard, bumps with a chest-thumping beat, shutting up all those people hating on K. Dot’s production selections.

Mustard took a few moments to weigh in on the ongoing discourse between the two rap giants. Simultaneously, he seemed to hint he has more from Kendrick Lamar waiting in the wings.

“I’ll never turn my back on my city…and I’m fully loaded.”

Mustard isn’t the only one hinting at another diss from Kendrick Lamar. Producer Metro Boomin, whose track with Future, “Like That” featuring Kendrick Lamar, essentially kicked off the entire feud, also suggested there was more locked and loaded.

As he tweeted, “go make another song telling more lies cause we both know you can’t tell everyone why I don’t f### wit u that wouldn’t be a good look either for u so imma spare us both wit that.”

Only time will tell, but so far, the battle has the majority of the rap community fully invested—just don’t ask Ice-T.