Did Young Thug Approve Of This Gunna Diss Snippet His Kids Just Released?

Young Thug may want to see to it that his kids’ use of their social media accounts is monitored after an alleged snippet armed with a Gunna diss was released by his two sons.

The snippet, which is less than a minute long, is essentially crash-out rap music, and captures Young Thug’s two young boys glorifying smoking on their dead ops while flashing money spreads on camera in the clip. Though much of the duo’s rapid-fire raps are hard to decipher, one of the incendiary lines comes through crystal clear.

“And Bentley a rat he keep leaving states/And Gunna get whacked if he don’t leave L.A.,” one of the children raps on the song.

The video has gone viral on platforms such as Twitter (X), where it’s causing users are having mixed reactions.

“I know thug is disappointed,” one user reacted while another added, “This will be used against him in court. Thug is never getting out!”

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While it’s unclear if Young Thug gave his blessing for his seeds to release the preview of their song, it arrives at a particularly seedy time for Slime, who is currently caught between a rock and a hard place. He currently sits in jail incarcerated as the YSL RICO trial has been halted as he awaits the possible recusal of judged presiding over the case.

Young Thug also recently ignited a flurry of speculation after sharing a cryptic tweet on June 26 in response to a lyric Lil Baby raps on his recent feature verse on Lil Dann’s track entitled “Family Freestyle.”

“N###as taking pleas, I know that Slime ain’t happy,” Lil Baby raps in the song.

In a quoted reply with a snippet of the song, Thug wrote, “whateva wham say goes.” Although he provided no context for his message, fans in the replies went into overdrive considering “Wham” is Lil Baby’s nickname.

Prior to the aforementioned incidents, earlier this year Gunna appeared to suggest get and Thug were in good standing. Thug’s dad actually turned up with him at his coming home concert in Atlanta last month after Gunna claimed people have been “misled” about the whole situation in April.

Check out the clip above.