Diddy Appears To Address Sexuality In Interview Clip, But Is It AI-Generated?

Did Diddy do it may truly become the question of the day based on the recent emergence of a bizarre video allegedly featuring the Bad Boy music mogul.

As early as March 18, a clip surfaced of what appears to be a video interview between Diddy and an unknown entity seemingly only identifiable by a watermarked logo that reads JBK 73 Questions. Though the clip is brief, it tackles some tough topics in a short amount of time as Diddy and the interviewer share a bit of a friendly back and forth.

For example, when the interviewer asks him if he’s attracted to men or when, Diddy replied, “It depends on my mood and my vibe.” And in an even more coy response, Diddy told the interviewer “I can’t tell you that now,” when questioned about his alleged sexual encounter with Meek Mill.

The clip then abruptly ends and there’s almost no trace of the actual existence of the full interview. Not to mention that the clip also only lives on Twitter (X) at the moment, and users are already speculating that even if it isn’t AI-generated, Diddy is trolling everyone. It’s worth noting that Diddy actually did do a 73 Questions interview with Vogue nearly six years ago, which could be where the idea for the clip was pulled from.

Check out the wild clip above.