Diddy Grazed By Stray Shot From Anuel AA Originally Aimed At Bad Bunny

Diddy and his ex Cassie Ventural recently became a punchline in Anuel AA’s latest single, which doubles as a diss toward BadBunny.

On his new release “Toki,” Anuel AA goes directly BadBunny by targeting his failed relationship with Kendall Jenner, which reportedly ended last December after less than a year. While the bar wasn’t necessarily an extensive triple or quadruple entendre, it was short and to the point. And that point being made by Anuel AA seemingly implies that BadBunny, like NeYo, is a “Diddy Jr.” and that he outshines him, like Phoenix Sun’s star player Devin Booker.

“Prendo la blicky y bota fuego igual que el sol de Phoenix (Oh-oh-oh-oh)/ Kendall dejó a Bad por lo mismo que Cassie a Diddy (Jaja),” Anuel AA raps.

In English, the bars translate to something along the lines of, “I turn on the blicky and it fires up like the Phoenix sun (Oh-oh-oh-oh)/Kendall left Bad for the same reason Cassie left Diddy.”

[embedded content]

Not gonna lie, Anuel AA may have cooked a bit with the DBook reference, knowing how unbothered the NBA star is by BadBunny’s existence while, on the other hand Benito is pretty vexed by his. However, with the Diddy bar, brodie might’ve really screwed the pooch, no Diddy. Considering we all know how Twitter (X) users strive to find the receipts, it’s worth noting Anuel AA was literally posted up. Flexing his link up with Diddy as recently as last year in March.

Part of me is trying to make sense of why Anuel AA would think this was a good angle to take given the fact that the optics lead back to him. It’s like, why are you self-snitching and or throwing the rock only to hide your hand. Because the guilty by association s##t concerning the Diddy sexual assault lawsuits has been having real world consequences for folks. And on the other hand, if Anuel AA is right and BadBunny has been Bad Boy this whole time, why’d you wait til now to say anything?

Anyways, stream the full record above.