Diddy Legal Drama Continues As SEVEN New Accusers Allegedly Cooperate With SDNY

Seven new individuals have reportedly stepped forward to cooperate with authorities in the Southern District of New York, offering allegations against Sean “Diddy” Combs that paint a picture of disturbing behavior spanning across sex trafficking, sexual assault, and firearms violations. 

Among these accusers are six women, identified only as Jane Does, and one man, a John Doe, who have, or are preparing to open up to prosecutors about their experiences. 

The unfolding investigation gained momentum as federal investigators from the Department of Homeland Security conducted raids on two of Combs’s properties. 

A mansion in Los Angeles and a residence in Miami were searched, with law enforcement looking for evidence that may be related to the ongoing sex trafficking inquiry. 

According to a source close to the matter, these raids were part of a broader federal effort to examine claims tied to sex trafficking, sexual assault, the distribution of illegal narcotics, and violations involving firearms directly connected to Combs. 

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This source revealed to NBC News that of the individuals cooperating with the Southern District of New York, three Jane Does and one John Doe had already been interviewed, with three more Jane Does scheduled for discussions.

Further amplifying concerns about Combs’s conduct, his sons Justin and King Combs were reportedly among several people detained during raids on the mogul’s properties in Los Angeles and Miami. 

Combs has been entangled in legal disputes over accusations of sexual misconduct extending over several months before these new allegations. 

His legal troubles include a previous settlement with Cassie Ventura, who accused him of a range of abuses, and multiple lawsuits filed against him alleging sexual assault, drugging of victims, and involvement in sex trafficking. 

These continual legal challenges sketch a troubling pattern of allegations tied to Combs amidst his denials and claims of innocence.

So far, Diddy’s legal team has yet to comment.