Diddy’s Downfall: College Classmate Accuses Mogul Of Beating Ex-With Belt—And Much More

Diddy‘s downfall continued on Tuesday night (May 28), when Rolling Stone published its six-month investigation into the horrific allegations levied against the embattled mogul (real name Sean Combs).

The publication said it interviewed roughly 50 people from Diddy’s past, including ex-friends, former classmates at Howard University and old co-workers. Almost all of them remembered a diabolic and “volatile” yet driven man, who would often break into fits of rage. Others recalled his blatant greed and desperation for success following the 1997 murder of The Notorious B.I.G.

Photographer Monqiue Bunn suggested Biggie’s death could have been more sinister than initially thought. Numerous reports allege Biggie had been planning to leave Bad Boy Records shortly before his death at the same time Diddy had been fighting with the “Big Poppa” rapper’s attorneys over publishing rights.

“[Biggie] was absolutely about to leave Puff,” Bunn said. “I know for a fact [because] he told me that.” Another source adds, “Everybody wanted to leave Puffy. Everybody leaves him.”

The article continued, “Combs capitalized on the shock and sorrow over Wallace’s death. Brookshire — who had been traveling in the same SUV as Wallace during press events the day before he died — says Combs denied her request for time off to process her grief. Instead, just two weeks after the slaying, she says, Combs ordered her to focus all efforts on Wallace’s upcoming album, Life After Death. Combs demanded it be “Number one, number one, number one, number one, number one. Top 10, top 10, top 10.”

Diddy was also accused by a fellow former Howard University student of beating an ex-girlfriend with a belt.  As the story explained, “’Puff is out here acting crazy. He’s beating her,’ the fellow students said, according to the classmate. He screamed and hollered and acted a stone fool until she came downstairs, another Howard student who witnessed the alleged attack said.

“She says Combs used what appeared to be a belt to strike the young woman ‘all over the place.’ Speaking on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the incident, the witness said Combs appeared ‘super angry’ and was ‘screaming at the top of his lungs.’ She says he ‘whupped her butt — like really whupped her butt.’ The witness says the woman was clearly terrorized: ‘She was trying to defend herself a little bit. She was crying. And we were telling him, ‘Get off of her.’ We were screaming for her.’ A third source also recalled the alleged assault to Rolling Stone. (The woman at the center of the alleged attack declined comment.)”

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That wasn’t all. Diddy also supposedly paraded his sexual exploits around a teenage USHER, who told Rolling Stone in 2004, “Puff introduced me to a totally different set of s### — sex, specifically,” Usher recalled to Rolling Stone in 2004. “There was always girls around. You’d open a door and see somebody doing it, or several people in a room having an orgy. You never knew what was going to happen.”

Diddy’s ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura, who’s been at the center of the controversy since suing him November 2023 for rape, physical assault and more, alleged in lawsuit Diddy was a functioning drug addict.

“Drugs were a consistent part of Combs’ life, Ventura alleges in her lawsuit, claiming he was ‘addicted to prescription painkillers and took ecstasy frequently’ She claims he had pills and other drugs out in the open ‘like candy’ and that he would supply alcohol, ecstasy, cocaine, the sedative GHB, ketamine, and marijuana during ‘freak-offs,’” the story continued. “But far from enhancing a party vibe, Ventura and others say these substances only darkened his mood.

“Once Combs got drunk or high enough, says one frequent party guest in the early 2000s, ‘he would turn violent [and] loud. He would take his anger out on people.’ At several points when Combs was extremely intoxicated, Ventura alleges, he beat her.”

Evidence of Diddy’s abuse became public on Friday (May 24), when CNN released surveillance footage of Diddy brutally assaulting Ventura inside the InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles. It gave credit to many of the claims Ventura made in her lawsuit.

For now, it doesn’t appear Diddy will find respite anytime soon. 50 Cent just sold his Diddy Do It? documentary to Netflix, he has several other pending sexual assault lawsuits. two of his homes have been raided by Homeland Security and the pressure is mounting. His former bodyguard Gene Deal even suggested he could be arrested for involvement in Tupac Shakur’s murder.

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