Does Boldy James’ Silence Prove Amanda Seales’ Claim Is True? Or Did He Already Try To Tell Us?

Boldy James and Amanda Seales were apparently the couple we never got the chance to Stan. Or possibly just a quick sneaky link, but either way, this situationship certainly flew under all of our noses.

For those who have no idea what we are talking about, Seales revealed in a recent interview that she does indeed love Black men/rappers like the Griselda MC, contrary to popular belief, and is actually a ride or die for them.

“If I hate Black men, I want a refund, Shannon,” Seales said. “You know how many brothers I have lifted up? I want a refund!”

As she continued, she broke down the length at which she’s gone to support her significant other’s amid life’s turmoil.

“I’ve done paid probation fees because n###as could rap and I want them to be able to live in their talent and their truth.” She added, directly calling out the Detroit native by name, “I done spoke to a damn P.O. [probation officer] to vouch, Boldy James. And you owe me money.”

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Thanks to a user on Twitter (X), it appears we now have proof of their relationship, or entanglement, if you will. The timeline of their relationship transpired sometime in or around 2021, because James appeared to rap about it on his Super Tecmo Bo collab project track “Guilt” produced by The Alchemist. It was a sneaky breadcrumb, though, as he referred to Seales based on a fictional character she portrayed on a network TV show.

“Hunnid a G, ‘member I got fronted the key/ ‘Fore the bag came, my gas tank was under the E/ Life took a ill turn on that Sunderland spree/ Now I’m f#####’ Miss Wilburn from ‘My Brother and Me’,” he rapped.

Check out the clip above.