Drake Gifts Pregnant Fan $25K After She Asks Rapper To Be Her “Rich Baby Daddy” 

Drake responded to a pregnant fan’s request to be her “rich baby daddy” after spotting her in the crowd at one of his recent shows. 

The OVO founder has made a habit of blessing his fans with generous gifts during his It’s All A Blur — Big As The What? tour, and it was no different when he spotted a fan holding a sign referencing his For All The Dogs collab with Sexyy Red and SZA. 

“She’s got a sign that says, ‘I’m five months pregnant, can you be my rich baby daddy?’” Drake said, addressing the crowd. “I don’t want to offend your real baby daddy, but I would love to.” 

However, before continuing, Drake shared his concerns for the expectant mother’s safety.  

“First of all, get you out of the pit so we can put you somewhere safe like the V.I.P. or some s###. Because you can’t be pregnant and bouncing around,” Drake told the fan. “When I start playing some of these slappers, we can’t have you getting pushed around. Second of all, I’d love to give you $25,000 so you can be a rich baby mama.” 

Meanwhile, over the weekend, Sexyy Red faced backlash over her Rolling Loud performance of Drake’s “Rich Baby Daddy.” Clips of her set went viral, with fans roasting her noticeably off-key performance.  

“Y’all, [laughing my a## off],” she wrote on Instagram, reacting to the chatter. “I was sick with a fever and couldn’t breathe when I recorded this. I told [Drake] that no one would understand me, and I sounded crazy. He said, ‘No, you’re fine.’ Anyway, here’s the lyrics to [‘Rich Baby Daddy’] once and for all.”