Drake’s Purple Painted Nails Blamed For Loss To Kendrick Lamar 

Drake bragged about his manicure in his Kendrick Lamar diss “Push Ups,” but his latest purple nail color has fans saying he could never beat the Compton native in a battle.  

“Drizzy Chip ‘n Dale, probably got your b#### Chanel,” Drake rapped on his Lamar diss. “I just got ’em done, boy, don’t make me have to chip a nail.” 

However, although Drizzy looks set to drop a response to K. Dot’s “Euphoria” diss any day now, some fans believe he’s already lost the battle. A video of Drake sporting purple nails is being cited as the reason Drake will never beat Kendrick Lamar.  

A clip of the Toronto megastar hugging Birdman has gone viral with fans honing in on Drake’s latest nail art with many claiming he put the “purple-colored) nail in his own coffin.  

“Wait Drake got his nails painted .. alright I’m on Kendrick side now dawg,” one fan shared. 

“Purple painted nails! Kendrick was right Drake wants to be a bad bish,” another person added, referring to a lyric from Lamar’s “Euphoria.” 

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Drake told fans at Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 Tour stop in Toronto that he’s readying a response to Kendrick. “You know what time it is,” he told the crowd before departing. “You know what I gotta do.”  

It isn’t the first time Drake has come under fire for painting his nails. Last year, he questioned if the world was homophobic after being “gay,” “feminine,” and “corny” by critics of his colored manicure.