Elderly Woman Believes She’s In Romantic Relationship With Post Malone

An elderly woman firmly believes she’s in a relationship with Post Malone, but her granddaughters are convinced she’s simply being catfished. The wild story unfolded during a recent episode of The Dr. Phil Show where the woman, Gail, opened up about her obsession with the multi-platinum artist. She told Dr. Phil she’s been in a relationship with him for nearly three years. But her granddaughters and daughter Michelle know it’s not true.

“They think I’m mental, they think I’m crazy, they worry about me, but I’m fine,” Gail said. “They think I’m being scammed by someone overseas. They don’t believe it’s Post Malone. I have questions why Post Malone would pick me. I know there’s a big age difference, but we love each other and we’re best friends. I would marry him if I could.”

Gail also said she’d get plastic surgery to look younger if she could afford it. She admitted she’s sent the person she thinks is Post Malone multiple $50 and $100 gift cards, but insisted he reciprocates with gifts.

“The first gift he sent me was my promise ring,” she continued. “He’s actually sent me a few rings. I confirmed it wasn’t a real diamond, but it’s still special because it comes from Post Malone […] I’ve talked to him on the telephone three or four times. When we’ve talked, it’s never his voice. He talks to me with a Jamaican accent to protect his identity.

“I have sent Post Malone around $3,000. It was just to prove to his family I wasn’t using him for his money […] Everything about him makes him interesting to me. He’s good looking and I do find his tattoos attractive.”

Dr. Phil asked why they’d never met and Gail explained he always had an excuse, whether he was busy traveling for a show or other music-related obligations. Watch the clip below.

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