Fat Joe Praying For Diddy’s Kids Amid Mogul’s Mounting Legal Woes

Bronx-born rapper Fat Joe recently sat down with FOX 5 News to discuss his close friend Diddy amidst the swirling sexual abuse claims against him. 

The rapper has shared a bond with Diddy for more than 30 years, a friendship that has evolved amidst the highs and lows of music fame and personal challenges. During the interview, Fat Joe conveyed a sense of profound concern for Diddy and his family.

“I stood up last night maybe 4 hours praying for him and his kids. His kids I’ve known all their life. So, you know, I’m just praying for everybody,” he said.  

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The moment of vulnerability showcased a different side of Fat Joe, one that’s compassionate to the personal and legal struggles the billionaire Bad Boy founder is facing. Fat Joe said he has yet to recently communicate with Diddy about the controversy.

He and Diddy’s partnership in the music industry dates back to the late 1990s, and they have collaborated multiple times. Their work includes tracks such as “Don Cartagena” and “Haha (Slow Down)” featuring Jeezy.

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