Finesse2Tymes Responds To Wack 100 Exposing His Mother: “You Move With The Feds” 

Finesse2Tymes and Wack 100 are going back and forth on social media after the music manager exposed the rapper’s mom’s run-ins with the law. 

Over the weekend, Wack 100 took to Instagram with a mugshot of Finesse2Tymes’s mom, claiming she’s facing money laundering charges. He also called on J Prince to sever ties with the Memphis, Tennessee native, claiming he’s a snitch.  

“WARNING @1finesse2tymes IS IN A DESPERATE SITUATION,” he wrote in the caption. “HE NEEDS TO CLEAR HIS MOMMA OF THESE CHARGES. HEY BOZO TAKE DAT 100K U HAD ON ME AND PUT ITNTO YA MOMMAS BAIL or LEGAL ..STREETS I WARNED YOU @jprincerespect Still doing business with a known [rat emoji].”   

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In a follow-up post, Wack 100 mocked Finesse2Tymes for having “his momma’s hips.” 

However, Finesse replied in the comment section, claiming Wack 100 isn’t safe in his own hood. Furthermore, he claimed Wack’s associates are extorting him.  

“Bruh u can’t even go to yo own hood , but u quick to say ‘piru,’” he wrote. “Nobody Fukks wit u that piru but the nygas that’s extorting u , u never outside miss me with the tough shyt I’ll out [100 emoji] on wack.” 

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Finesse2Tymes then hopped on Instagram Live claiming Wack 100 isn’t safe without protection from the feds. 

“Hey, Wack 100. I done been to Cali two or three times. Outside. You heard me? You can’t even go to your own hood,” he said. “None of the rap n#####. None of the street n#####. I done been to your hood. You can’t even go to your own hood. Don’t none of your homies even respect you. You heard me?“ 

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