Finesse2Tymes Says His Child Rap Protégé’s Mom Called CPS Over Money

Finesse2Tymes criticized the mother of kid rapper FNG King a.k.a. Lil King for allegedly causing trouble for her son on Sunday (March 17). Finesse2Tymes accused Tiffany Moore of calling child protective services because his child rap protégé refused to give her money.

“See what I’m saying?” he wrote on Facebook. “Now king mama done called cps, tawkn about she don’t know we’re he at and haven’t seen him since she got out of jail ‘ALL BECAUSE KING WONT GIVE HER MONEY TO SUPPORT HER HABITS’ WHY? This young man lives in a million dollar home, with his own everything, don’t have to worry about dodging bullets, or being hungry running around memphis with grown men shooting dice that’ll actually HURT HIM for a few dollars.

He continued, “Why would u even RISK that for your kid? I bring him to see his grandma EVERYTIME I’m in memphis, I give her $1,000 king gives her $1,000 we laugh, kick it, and leave. See what I mean? Is it ever gone stop? Everybody want money and fame until they get it.”

Moore wasn’t the first person to call CPS on Finesse2Tymes over his care of King. Internet provocateur Charleston White reported Finesse2Tymes for child endangerment and neglect in 2023.

Finesse2Tymes previously dealt with scrutiny for his role in King’s life, but there were also concerns about the child’s mother. Last year, Moore was arrested for stabbing King’s grandmother with a pair of scissors.

“At the end of the day, I hope she get well,” Finesse2Tymes wrote in reaction to Moore’s arrest. “That’s still my lil man’s mama, Grandma get well.”

He told King’s mom, “Get ya shyt together we here for u, just gotta wanna be there for yaself.”

Finesse2Tymes is not King’s father. According to Moore, King’s grandmother has custody of the child.

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