Florida Rapper Foolio Shot & Killed Celebrating 26th Birthday

Julio Foolio, a prominent rapper from Jacksonville, Florida, was shot and killed on Sunday (June 23).

According to local affiliate FOX30, Foolio (real name Charles Jones) was killed in Tampa, where his vehicle was riddled with bullets during the attack. Despite first responders’ best efforts to save him, Foolio succumbed to his injuries.

His attorney, Lewis Fusco, confirmed the tragic news, saying, “Yes, I have been his attorney for many years. He was shot and killed in Tampa. I cannot make any statements at this time other than confirming he was killed outside of a Holiday Inn hotel while celebrating his birthday in Tampa this weekend.”

Fusco explained Foolio had been in Tampa all weekend to celebrate his birthday, where he initially stayed at an Airbnb but was asked to leave due to the number of people at the residence. He then reportedly booked a room at the Holiday Inn, where he was evidently ambushed in the parking lot.

“All of this information has been released by law enforcement; however, I am unable to comment on anything else at this time until it becomes public record,” Fusco added.

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Foolio had a history of surviving violent confrontations, including a notable incident in 2021 where he was targeted in a shooting that saw his vehicle hit multiple times. He did, however, manage to escape unscathed.  In a 2021 interview with AllHipHop, he talked about getting shot at age 15.

“I done been through real deal, the worst wars,” he said at the time. “I done everything I wasn’t supposed to see, did everything I wasn’t supposed to do. From getting shot to going to jail, everything. I was young. I was 15 so damn, that s### f##### my head up. Because when you a jit, you don’t know that you can die for real. [I was shot] in my hip. It broke my hip, I was good though. I was in the hospital for 2 or 3 weeks to a month, I was good.”

The recent attack proved fatal. Fans and fellow artists have expressed their shock and sorrow over his untimely death, highlighting the relentless cycle of violence that often surrounds the rap community.