Foolio’s Funeral: Friends & Family Sing Yungeen Ace Diss During Service

Foolio was fatally shot at a Holiday Inn in Tampa, Florida on June 23 as he was celebrating his 26th birthday.

Friends and family had a chance to say their goodbyes at his recent funeral service in his hometown of Jacksonville, where they happily sang Foolio’s Yungeen Ace diss, “When I See You.” Footage of the unconventional sing-a-long started making the rounds on social media on Sunday (July 7).

“Went out to eat on his birthday (six),” one woman raps in the clip. “Four shot, three dead in the worst way (damn)/He kept dissin’ on me (what happened?)/Now we smokin’ 23.”

The beef between Foolio and Yungeen Ace stretches back years. Hours after the former’s murder, Yungeen Ace, dropped a video for “Do it.” Although the track doesn’t mention Foolio by name or his death, the video for the song is eerily reminiscent of the events that unfolded at the hotel, including several masked individuals mowing down a man in what appears to be a hotel parking lot.

Yungeen Ace, Foolio and their respective gangs, Ace’s Top Killers (ATK) and Kill Them All (KTA), have been feuding since roughly 2015. At least seven Jacksonville rappers have been killed, and both Yungeen Ace and Foolio were shot at various times during the war.

As Foolio referenced in “When I See You,” Yungeen Ace and three others—including his brother Trevon Bullard—were celebrating a birthday in June 2018, when someone opened fire on their car. Bullard and two others were killed, including Ace’s brother, while the rapper managed to survive after being shot eight times. In 2021, Foolio was grazed by a bullet and targeted in another shooting last year. He was hit in the foot and, in fact, was still in a walking boot in recent Instagram photos.

Obviously, Foolio didn’t survive the latest shooting. So far, police Tampa police have yet to release information on possible suspects. In the meantime, someone in charge of Foolio’s Instagram account has been taunting Yungeen Ace, continuing their contentious and fatal feud.

On June 28, Yungeen Ace dropped a new song and video for “Game Over” on his YouTube channel in which he (once again) seems to be dissing Foolio. Yungeen Ace plugged the video and song on Instagram and someone using Foolio’s account instantly labeled it “trash,” although the comment has since been deleted. Yungeen Ace replied, “You still f###### with me dude? I love you 4EVA.”

The bizarre exchanges left many of their fans confused. Some actually believed Foolio was still alive, while others assumed his family was running promo from his Instagram page to help pay for his funeral costs.