Gucci Mane Offers $2M For Two Artists To Launch New Label “So Icy Millionaires” 

Gucci Mane is starting fresh, launching a brand new record label with the offer of $2 million for two upcoming “superstars.” 

Controversy has swirled around the artists signed to his 1017 Global Music label, with a so-called “curse” said to exist because of the number of them who keep winding up in jail or worse.  Several 1017 artists are behind bars on charges including first-degree murder.  

On Thursday (July 4), Gucci Mane and his wife Keyshia Ka’oir announced a new label, So Icy Millionaires. The couple are ready to hand out $1 million deals for a male and female star to join the label.  

In a video, the couple showed off the cash in stacks of $100K to entice any potential prospects.  

“I got a million plus I got some extras that I’m still counting up for the female artist,” Gucci began. “That’s what I’m willing to invest in my next superstar cuz I’m starting a whole new label, fresh; So Icy Millionaires. So, who want to join my new label cuz I’m looking for my next male superstar.” 

Gucci Mane then turned to Ka’oir, who matched her husband’s offer. “I got a million plus some extras that I’m still counting up for the next female artist.” 

The video ended with a message from Ka’oir, “F### y’all haters.” 

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Ka’oir recently came to her husband’s defense following the tragic death of his artist Enchanting. Gucci Mane’s tribute post was flooded with conspiracy theories suggesting he was somehow responsible for her passing.  

“Leave my husband alone!” Ka’oir wrote. “He signs these artist to help them & give them a better life! I wish it wasn’t like this ! Chant we love you baby girl ! RIH.” 

Ka’oir asked Mane, “Why all your 1017 artists keep going to jail?” during the debut episode of her podcast.  

“I was one of those type of artists, I was always going back and forth to jail,” he explained. “I try to help those artists that I feel I see a lot of myself in.” He added, “But I feel like if I’m not helping them, who else gone’ help them? Nobody says that part of the story.” 

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