Ice Spice Has Dropped In Listeners A Staggering 32 Million!

Trouble In Barbie Land: Ice Spice Sees Huge Drop in Spotify Listeners Before Debut Album Drops

Yo, what’s good, fam? We got some interesting chatter about Ice Spice and it ain’t good. The Bronx, New York rapper is facing a surprising, scary dip in her Spotify listeners. Now, she just played the BET Awards and seemed to go over well. That’s a good sign she’s still popping a bit, right?

Well…it is complicated.

So, get this: between August 2023 and June 2024, Ice Spice saw her monthly listeners drop by a jaw-dropping 67%, according to a recent report! That’s a whopping 31,658,575 listeners gone (temporarily at least). She hit her peak at 47,203,544 listeners August 2023, but now, a mere month before her debut album Y2K! drops hits, she’s sitting at 15,458,480. Ouch. I am thinking they need a new single and collaboration to bring those numbers up. I should mention that he streams seem to be going up based on something I saw myself.

Her latest single, “Phat Butt,” is kinda struggling too. (By the way, she talks directly to her haters on this song.) The solo track has racked up about 1,268,649 global streams on Spotify and a little more over 2 million streams on Youtube. Compared to her previous bangers, this one ain’t hitting the same. Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj co-signs were helping at one point, but it is clear as crystal meth that Spice’s popularity has taken a hit. None of her solo hits have broken into the Top 5. That said, “Deli” is my JAM. OK, I just sounded like a 70-year old man.

Ice Spice will be fine. Between the kids, Taylor Swift and the powers-that-be, she’s got plenty support. She’s too big to fail as they say.

Let’s rock to my favorite song.

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