Is Kendrick Lamar A Woman Abuser? Sources Weigh In Amid Drake Beef

Is Kendrick Lamar a woman abuser? That question struck a chord with me, and I know it was deeply disturbing to many others. We see him as our shining prince of Blackness. He also represents the finer aspects of Hip-Hop, our own James Baldwin or Langston Hughes. The man has already won a Pulizer Prize.

So, does he beat women? I had to dig deep and talk to some of my most cherished sources to get to the bottom of this. We don’t know anything for certain, but I’m hearing that he’s absolutely not a woman abuser. According to my sources, he didn’t beat up his fiancée or wife, and he has no significant history of abuse. When you hear someone mention a crisis management team, it usually denotes a serious situation that tends to lead to bad press.

Crisis management is meant to mitigate bad press. When Drake used that word, it seemed official. And it might be. We really do not know; keeping it 100 percent real. I’m not saying one way or the other, but I did hit up a couple of first-rate sources, and none of them had any information whatsoever on Kendrick Lamar being an abusive partner. If he hired a team, somebody would likely know something, because that means it;s BIG BAD.

Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers was my least favorite Kendrick Lamar album. I thought it was genius and theatrical, but it just didn’t resonate with me on a personal level. That said, I know it was a deeply personal album for him that also made some revelations about his life. The consensus is that Drake listened to that album and he converted that into the record “Family Matters.” Whether that’s true is anyone’s guess, but that just seems to be the case.

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Finally, I’ll say this: There’s a lot of trash out there. On both sides, there is a lot of garbage floating around the digital atmosphere. There are photoshopped pictures of Drake with a daughter (and it’s CLEARLY not real) and fake news reports of Kendrick Lamar beating on women in Vegas. There’s just so much trash out there that it is destroying the spirit of the rap battle.

What is real? What is fake? At this point, it’s anyone’s guess. I’m simply giving you the sources that I know, who are very reliable, honest and generally in the know. Also, I pray and hope that he’s not a woman abuser and that Drake isn’t a pedophile, because there’s so much crap on the internet about that, I won’t even write about it.