Keyshia Cole Responds To Shade Over Boyfriend Hunxho: “My Heart Been Broke Before” 

Keyshia Cole is defending her man after a video of Hunxho bragging about his numerous partners circulated online.  

A user on X (formerly Twitter) shared the clip, writing, “@KeyshiaCole going out so bad over this dude and he on the internet talking like this smh.”

The singer clapped back at the fans, claiming it was an old interview, and posted a photo of him holding up a much bigger stack of cash. She also threatened to block people over Hunxho shade.  

“That man don’t hold up no lil money like that no more. Leave me alone wit all this old s###. I’m blocking yall FR,” she replied. 

However, another person noted that Keyshia Cole failed to address Hunxho’s remarks about his many women or never settling down.  

“So that’s what you took from the tweet,” they wrote. “So you decided to post him holding up ALOT of money??? Yall really set the standards high for each other. As long as he got money huh.” 

Cole replied, “No not at all. But people need to stop sending me all this old s###. People grow and learn .. life ain’t stagnant.” 

When another person told the singer, “You gone remember when ya heart broke again,” Cole stood firm. “My heart been broke before, “ she replied. “Yall gotta chill . Relax.” 

Earlier this week, rumors circulated that Hunxho was dating his “Come Here” collaborator Gloss Up.  

In the video, Hunxho suggests all his women are aware of each other. 

“All of them is my main female, all my bi####s straight,” Hunxho said in part. “I love all of them equally, we all one. We all family. They all love me and I love all them, they all love each other. And they all respect each other. It ain’t no, they better not f##k up.”