Kid Cudi Can’t Even Be Proud Of Himself Thanks To Drake & Lil Yachty Fans

If you ask any random Drake or Lil Yachty fan, they’ll probably tell you that Kid Cudi is either just really proud of himself or feeling a tad bit petty at the moment.

But Kid Cudi himself will tell you it’s neither, because he’s truly that passionate when it comes to honing his craft as a Hip-Hop artist. If you’re slightly confused at this point, let me back up and set the stage.

Earlier this week on Twitter (X), a fan speculating about possible features on Kid Cudi and Jaden Smith’s rumored collaborative project discovered, and promptly shared, the fact that Yachty was credited as a producer on the Cleveland rapper’s recent INSANO (NITRO MEGA) Deluxe album track “SUPERBOY.”

“Didn’t know Yachty produced Superboy, I saw he had writer’s credit also… You might be on to something bro,” the Twitter (X) user wrote in the tweet.

While it seems as though the fan was purely excited that there could be a chance the pair could be collaborating more closely, Kid Cudi seemed to denounce the idea altogether.

In response to the fan, Kid Cudi wrote, “No one writes my lyrics EVER. Every song U have ever heard from me, I wrote. The credits on songs can be confusing when u see all those names, and its usually producers of the song or sample.”

He then doubled down in another tweet, writing, “Its a really powerful feeling knowing I wrote the lyrics on all 12 of my albums.”

At that point, a fan pointed out that Kid Cudi clearly has to be taking a shot at Drake, considering he’s been getting dragged for having writing credits on the diss records he’s released amid his beef with Kendrick Lamar. However, the “Man On The Moon” himself stood on business and confirmed that it has nothing to do with Drizzy and everything to do with getting the respect he deserves for his pen game.

“Man me speakin my truth is not me dissing anyone,” he tweeted. “Its my truth. Its a fact. This came up cuz someone was talkin like yachty wrote my verse on superboy. Just wanted to address it and make it 100% clear.”

It’s certainly believable that Kid Cudi takes pride in the potency of his lyricism as an artist, considering he’s one of the most unique, multi-genre-spanning songwriters the rap and music industry at-large has ever seen. However, in 2022 he did make it clear that just because Kanye West had reconciled with Drake, didn’t mean that he was going to be buddy-buddy with him as a result. But, it’s also worth noting he mentioned he and Drake were good and even tweeted a remark confirming their beef had come to an end in 2021.

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