Kim Kardashian Criticized For “Distasteful” Joke About Cancer-Stricken Princess Catherine

Kim Kardashian is being roasted online following a joke she made about Catherine, Princess of Wales. 

The incident unfolded on Kardashian’s Instagram, where she posted a series of photos with the caption: “On my way to go find Kate,” a reference that at the time seemed innocuous. 

The photos showcased Kim Kardashian in a stylish ensemble of leather trousers, poised beside a luxury vehicle. However, the jest took a turn for the serious when, six days later, Catherine disclosed she had been diagnosed with cancer.

The Princess of Wales’s announcement cast the previous jest in a vastly different light. Critics have flooded Kardashian’s Instagram, labeling the joke as “disrespectful.” 

“She’s having cancer treatment… this didn’t age well,” one said while another person wrote, “Now she’s confirmed she has cancer, are you going to take this down? So distasteful.”

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The discontent did not remain confined to the initial post but spilled over into Kim Kardashian’s other social media content, amplifying calls for an apology. 

Comments ranged from reminders of Catherine’s condition to direct pleas for Kardashian to acknowledge the situation and apologize. 

One user remarked, “Wheres Kate? Oh yes she was diagnosed with cancer. Nice one Kim!” while others simply asked for an apology directly, emphasizing the insensitivity of the comment in light of Catherine’s diagnosis. 

Among the voices was a cancer survivor, stressing the personal impact of such a diagnosis and urging for understanding from Kim Kardashian.

As of yet, Kardashian has not publicly responded to the requests for an apology.