Kodak Black Claims Child But Cuts Off The Mother Over Car Window Vandalism Incident

Kodak Black was recently involved in a verbal confrontation with the mother of his child following a vandalism incident that occurred last month.

In case you missed it, Kodak’s baby momma gained significant attention on social media after vandalized his car and proceeded to post about it. The woman, in a fit of rage, broke out the windows of Kodak Black’s car and shared the aftermath of the destruction in a series of posts on her social media accounts. The vandalism reportedly took place on June 12, after one of Yak’s other baby mothers posted a video of him sleeping at her home.

Now, in a new video that has surfaced on social media, Kodak Black appears to face the woman for the first time since her outburst. However, instead of patching things up, it appears as though the “ZeZe” rapper is more interested in moving on as a co-parent.

“You just want f##k,” Kodak said to the woman after she confessed she had been celibate since having relations with him. “You don’t want to love or build nothing. You don’t want to love and build nothing bro. That’s crazy. It’s all right bro.”

As the woman continued to plead her case and lure Kodak in with physical affection, he continued to deflect her attempts.

“I’ve been there for that thinking—see how you talking right now? That’s how I fell for that s##t last time,” he said.

Kodak Black then accused the woman of being eclipsed by the mindset of the City Girls while also making it clear he had no reservations when it comes to the child they share—despite her behavior.

“I don’t regret this little n###a right here though,” he said pointing to the baby. “I don’t my regret this little n###a. Feel me—soon you thinking you straight and you vibing like, ‘oh this is a new person,’ here you go again on some stupid City Girl s##t. Some Ft. Lauderdale girl stupid ass s##t again.”

As the clip continued, Kodak Black went on to blast the woman for the window breaking incident, questioning how she even got access to his property in the first place before concluding, “you didn’t even have to do all that.”


Kodak Black confronts his child’s mother after she smashed his car windows. #kodakblack

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While it is unclear whether Kodak Black patched things up with the mother of his child, it’s worth noting that his love life is messy right now, even without their tumultuous relationship in the mix. Yak was also reportedly engaged to rapper Mellow Rackz and bouncing back and forth between the mothers of his children throughout the engagement.

Watch the full video of Kodak Black’s interaction with the woman above.