Kodak Black’s Shocking Response To Diddy Comparison: “Might Kill Me A Kid But I Ain’t Raping” 

Kodak Black didn’t appreciate people comparing him to Diddy after debuting a new look, but his attempt to distance himself from the embattled Hip-Hop mogul’s alleged crimes horrified fans. 

The controversial rapper recently linked up with Twitch streamer Adin Ross. The pair chatted with fans on Instagram Live when a commenter remarked on his mustache and goatee combo.  

“Kodak look like Florida Diddy lmao,” the Pompano Beach native said, reading the chat. “B#### you got me f##### up. No Diddy. Take that Take it.” 

Kodak Black then said he would never “rape” anybody, as Diddy is accused of, but ended up confessing he would commit other crimes.  

“I’ll smack me a elderly b####, I even might kill me a kid but I aint raping,” he declared. “I mean kill him as a baby, but I ain’t raping. I ain’t doing that.” 

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Clips of the Instagram Live circulated online, with many fans shocked at Kodak Black’s remarks. Others shared concerns over possible substance abuse.  

“Am I the only one who caught him saying might even ki.. me a kid!? I’m not tripping,” said one person. “Did he just say he would take a child life?” said another, while a third added, “This man sick.” 


Kodak Black is currently battling his own legal issues. He recently spent two months behind bars for oxycodone possession and got into an altercation with a photographer upon release. He was also sued earlier this year for allegedly ripping off a transportation company.