Krayzie Bone Advocates For Music Careers At Juvenile Detention Center

Krayzie Bone led a transformative program at the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center in Cleveland, Ohio. 

The program aimed to ignite passion and guide detained youth toward potential careers in the music and entertainment industries.

The Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper and his Spread, the Love Foundation, launched the “Interest to Income” initiative to help participants channel their emotions and talents into productive and creative outlets such as songwriting and music production.

During the event, attendees were educated on the various avenues within the music industry and encouraged to use their experiences and feelings in artistic creation.

“A lot of these kids are talented, like a lot of these kids have aspirations and dreams they just don’t know how to get to them because of their living conditions or the things they’re going through at home,” Krayzie Bone told Cleveland’s News 5, reflecting on the potential he witnessed.

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The “Interest to Income” program celebrated a significant milestone, holding its first graduation ceremony.

The success of this initiative emphasized the valuable impact of mentorship and education on rehabilitating and redirecting the lives of young individuals in the juvenile system.

The foundation, backed by local funding, has plans to extend these educational and creative programs beyond the detention center walls.

This expansion aims to reach more young individuals, offering them tools, skills, and inspiration to transform their ideas and raw talent into viable careers.

The growth signals a sustained commitment to nurturing the next generation and equipping them with the necessary skills to thrive.

Krayzie Bone summed up the essence and the hope of the initiative with these words:

“When they’re learning something like this when they go home, they have something they can think back [and say] ‘well you know I learned this in there. I can put this to use.’”