Latto Gets Feisty Over 2021 Firearm Arrest At LAX

Last year, Latto admitted to getting arrested in 2021 at Los Angeles International Airport for firearm possession. The incident became headline news.

On Sunday (March 24), Latto reflected on the negative reactions to her 2021 arrest. The 777 album creator posted a tweet expressing her thoughts about online critics and the media.

“Y’all got [a lot] to say but lemme see u get pulled off the plane [on the way] to P#### Cana, wrongfully arrested in front of the whole airport (literally profiled),” Latto posted.

She continued, “[People] think [you’re] in jail for actually stealing so [everybody] talking s### calling u broke, blogs spreading fake news, $10k+ lawyer fees & sit in there 3 days with no refund on ur vacation or lawyer fees????”

“Went to LAX [with] a loaded glock 17 in my Birk got locked & let out in a few hours lmaooo booked a $75k jet to my show in Alabama & still made it on time! No cap in my rap TUH,” Latto tweeted in March 2023.

Five days later, Latto denied reports claiming she entered a year-long diversion program to get the gun charges dismissed. She wrote on X, “[I don’t know] who put out that false-ass information, ’cause I’m not in no damn program.”

Latto also addressed the LAX legal situation on the “Boom, Pt. 2.” collaboration with Mello Buckzz. The Clayton County, Georgia native rapped, “I got locked up in the airport, g######, forgot the gun.”

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