Lil Nas X Pays Dearly For Running Half Marathon In High Top Kicks

So, there wasn’t too much fanfare surrounding Lil Nas X‘s recent half marathon, but the young rapper did indeed participate in the New York City half marathon recently, and it created quite a buzz among the city’s running community. Since he wasn’t discussing Christianity or anything devil-related, most people didn’t even bother to take notice.

I’ve been mulling this over for a few days now (the race was over the weekend), and I was struck with amazement. This guy is one of the biggest rap stars in the game, yet hardly anyone seems to care about this achievement. Well, after some investigation, I unearthed some intriguing facts about Lil Nas X’s run. Firstly, he ran in old-school high-top sneakers (Coach to be exact), which many considered quite eccentric – and I’m inclined to agree. But, word on the street is he paid for not running all those miles in running sneakers. He ended up in a wheelchair after!

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Additionally, he sported a silky, possibly velvet do-rag while running – now, that’s hilarious. Another noteworthy detail is that he proudly received a medal at the end, showing genuine excitement, as per sources I trust.

Now, some of you might be curious about his outing. Well, I’ve got the scoop on that too! He completed the half marathon in an impressive two hours, thirty-two minutes, and fifty-three seconds. He crossed the finish line at 10:03 AM. Congratulations are certainly in order, because he did not train at all.