Loaded Lux Death Rumors False – T-Rex Debunks Fake Report 

Loaded Lux is alive and has not passed away, sources close to the battle rap legend confirmed, despite the rumors. 

A false report surfaced online late on Monday evening (March 18), claiming the Harlem rapper had been killed. The rumor circulated rapidly, spread by devastated fans praying for the news to be untrue. 

The report was so widely shared that Loaded Lux began trending in the Top. 10 on X (formerly Twitter). However, multiple sources close to Lux quickly shut the rumor down. 

Chayna Ashley spoke to fellow Dot Mob member and close friend of Loaded Lux, T-Rex, who confirmed the rapper is alive. 

“Lux is good! Just confirmed with Rex,” she wrote Monday evening. 

A short while later, Rex took to Instagram, stating, “Bro is good we just spoke.” 


Harlem rapper Un Kasa also received confirmation that Lux is alive and that it was a family member who was killed.  

“I just got a call, it’s not Loaded Lux,” he stated on GullyTv

Loaded Lux recently made headlines after getting a callout from Chad Ochocinco Jonhson. The pair had a live faceoff on Nightcap, with Lux hitting the former Bengals wide receiver with a fresh freestyle.  

Earlier this month, Ultimate Rap League announced Lux will be back on the platform to face 2022 Champion of the Year Rum Nitty.