M.I.A. Responds To Critics Of Clothing Line To Protect From Wi-Fi & 5G, Including $100 Tin Foil Hat 

M.I.A. has launched a new clothing line designed to “protect” wearers from electromagnetic waves like Wi-Fi and 5G. 

OHMNI is branded as “The armor of the modern knight in the age of modern technological warfare.” 

The conspiracy-minded British rapper recently showed off her merch on right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s Infowars. The collection includes tin foil-lined items and accessories to battle radiowaves. She modeled the range and claimed the fabric guards against nanoparticles, which she called “evil dust,” per Dazed

Unsurprisingly, Jones lapped it up, branding the line “‘pure genius.” He also contended that “the CIA is obsessed with style and fashion, that’s how they control culture.” 

M.I.A.’s OHMNI website offers items like the $100 tin foil hat, which boasts “exceptional electrical conductivity, deflecting electromagnetic waves such as Wi-Fi & 5G with up to 99.999% shielding effectiveness.”  

Meanwhile, other items like the “potency” boxer shorts and fitted briefs promise to “protect you from the numerous risks linked to electromagnetic radiation, restoring your autonomy and freedom.”  

However, after facing backlash, M.I.A. took to X (Twitter) to respond. 

“SMART CLOTHES FOR SMART CITES,” she wrote. “Don’t be living in boomer times fr acting like everything is like the 80s , data has been the new oil for a hot minute. Catch up, don’t be fodder for tech like these bots.” 

OHMNI’s mission statement aims to get ahead of the criticism, noting, “If the conspiracy theorists are wrong, good for you, you own some beautiful clothes made with pure silver and precious metals. But, if they are right, you just might have saved the future of humanity.”