Meek Mill Ridiculed Over Sheer Shirt As Diddy Rumors Continue 

Meek Mill was ruthlessly mocked online after posting an Instagram selfie. 

The Philly rapper has been subjected to a barrage of gay jokes and rumors following allegations in Lil Rod’s sexual assault lawsuit against Diddy and the social media slander continues.  

On Thursday evening (May 2), Meek shared a photo of himself posted up against an SUV. However, fans ripped him for wearing a sheer shirt, mocking him in the comment section. 

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“The shirt ain’t helping the accusations,” wrote one person. Another added, “Philly lost twice in the same night,” referencing the Knicks eliminating Sixers in Game 6 of the playoffs.  

Meanwhile, others claimed Meek Mill should never have posted the photo amid the Diddy rumors.  

“I’m out here DEFENDING YOU N####!!! And you gone POST THIS?!?? Like wear da s###, I’m not mad… but post?!?? For n##### to misconstrue?!?!” a third person stated. “It’s like you dnt care and not even tryna help us help you. Aight g.” 

Instagram/Meek Mill

However, Meek appeared unphased by the backlash, reacting on his Instagram Stories. “The propaganda don’t even want me wearing Rick lol,” he joked. 

While Meek appeared unbothered by his critics this time, he’s had multiple outbursts over the gossip since Lil Rod’s allegations. The producer claimed Diddy had sexual relations with Meek Mill, among other men. 

Last month, Meek explained that the rumors are affecting his children.  

“I don’t believe no Diddy story once they lied about me now!” he wrote. “I don’t care but yall confusing my son he’s 12 with people saying his dad gay it’s sick.”