Meet Charlotte’s Next Rising Sensation, Avatar Frost

Since the release of his lead single “Mimosa,” Charlotte, NC’s sound innovator Avatar Frost has been on quite an impetus elevating his artistry and broadcasting for fans, both new and old, to appreciate.

With music inspiration coming from artists such as Kendrick Lamar & Lupe Fiasco, it’s a thrill to imagine what Avatar has in store with his forthcoming works, introducing a new type of energy that may be different than what people are used to.

We had a chance to catch up with Avatar recently for a brief interview to get a bit more insight from the upcoming talent. Tune in below for the dialogue, and if you haven’t had the chance to stream his latest release, listen here.

Floyd’ is quite possibly your biggest record to date, is that your favorite record? What was it like breaking 100k on that?

Floyd is actually the most fun to actually record. Such a funky sample and it’s got this groove to it that makes your body move for absolutely no reason at all lol. I was excited to see that gaining traction in this new industry was actually possible but 100k only pushed me to see 200k, 300k, 1 million and more.

Your music is different, have you always rapped like this or has this been a progression?

I’ve actually always rapped like this but as technology has progressed so has my outlook on how to physically make music which has changed my flow to a new level because of what is now possible that wasn’t possible before.

How long have you been rapping for?

I started rapping for fun in high school, 2003-2004 so 16-17 years.

If you could work with 3 current artists, who would they be?

Kendrick Lamar

Andre 3000

And HOV of course

If you could work with any 3 artists from the past, who would they be?




If you could work with 3 producers who would they be?

Quincy Jones

Dr. Dre

Trent Reznor

Keep up with Avatar Frost & his new works via Twitter & follow him at @frostytheavatar.