Metro Boomin Dubbed “Metro Groomin” Over Shocking Unearthed Tweets 

Metro Boomin is catching heat online after fans dredged up the producer’s old tweets amid the ongoing beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. 

After Metro kicked off the lyrical warfare with Future and K. Dot on We Don’t Trust You cut “Like That,” the warring duo engaged in mudslinging back and forth on multiple diss tracks with salacious accusations flying back and forth.  

However, Metro Boomin found himself under the microscope after social media sleuths scanned his old tweets. 

“Metro Groomin,” began trending on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday evening (May 6), as users saved and shared the posts, many of which were problematic, to say the least.  

One compilation of such tweets includes Metro Boomin making statements including, “she might be young but she ready,” and “I’m tryna tell [one of my friends] that age ain’t nothing but a number.” 

 Many of the tweets date from between 2011 and 2014, when the 30-year-old producer was between 17 and 20 years old.  

Other posts include song lyrics referencing drugging girls with Molly, while a string of tweets from 2010 lays out a list of 10 rules. They include “No Means Blow,” and “Commin 2 my hotel ya gotta blow, 1, 2, 3, and maybe 4.” 

In another tweet, Metro wrote, “That’s that r Kelly trapped in the closet s###,” in response to a photo of a female friend with a toddler. Another since-deleted post sees Metro tweet about “walking through the grocery store with both hands in my pockets like a true pedophile.” 

Check out some of the other posts and reactions to them below.