Missy Elliott Launches Tour With Iconic Costumes

Missy Elliott started her first headlining tour at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada, where she shared the stage with Busta Rhymes, Ciara, and Timbaland.

Elliott collaborated with celebrity stylist June Ambrose, who has been pivotal in crafting her memorable looks. With her stage costumes, Elliott aimed to push boundaries.

“June and I go way, way, waaay back and we created my most iconic looks together, so who better to collaborate with for this tour?” Elliott told WWD. “She knows me and knows what I expect when it comes to costuming. She understands the way I think and sees fashion through my same lens.”

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Ambrose designed nearly 250 outfits for Elliott and her dancers, tailoring the apparel to match four visually distinct acts.

Spectators were treated to various styles, including oversized puffer coats, overalls, baseball jerseys, and heavily bejeweled garments.

Missy Elliott emphasized her intent to marry bold style with comfort, ensuring her focus remained on delivering an electrifying performance.

“On stage I have to be comfortable as I want to focus on my performance and not have to worry about my clothing, but I definitely always push the envelope when it comes to my show looks to come up with costumes that reflect my persona and complement the visuals of the show,” she shared. “I also like to do a lot of costume changes during my shows, so I wear a lot of jumpsuits because they’re easy to get on and off.”

Missy Elliott plans to preserve the outfits in her personal archives after the tour concludes in August and is considering lending some pieces to museums for exhibitions.