#NahDrake Trends After Drake Drops Kendrick Lamar Diss Track “The Heart Part 6”

The battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar continued on Sunday (May 5). After Lamar released two diss tracks over the weekend, the Canadian rapper returned fire at K. Dot with “The Heart Part 6.”

Drake’s “The Heart Part 6” quickly became a trending topic on the X social media platform. However, #NahDrake also trended at the same time. That viral hashtag indicated a lot of X users did not connect with Drizzy’s latest diss record.

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“Bro really went from ‘the ones that you getting your stories from they all clowns’ to ‘we fed you the information’ but watch the Drake stans completely ignore that. #nahdrake,” one person tweeted.

Someone else wrote, “Can’t be making mistakes like this @Drake. There’s no #b (b-sharp) anywhere on the 88 keys. That punchline went c-flat [thumbs down emoji]. #nahdrake.”

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Kendrick Lamar accused Drake of being a sexual predator on “meet the Grahams” and “Not Like Us.” The OVO frontman used “The Heart Part 6” to deny those allegations by claiming he would have been arrested if he had taken part in pedophilia or sex trafficking.

“This diss is basically Drake in an attempt to exonerate himself, literally told everyone he’s a liar and manipulator. That’s wild. His defense to the p### thing was ‘nuh uh I’m too rich to like kids’ and ‘if I did like kids I would be in jail, why am I not in jail?’ #NahDrake,” an X user pointed out.

Another X account posted, “He says he’s too famous to be a pedophile, meanwhile there’s video of him on stage rubbing up against a 17 [year] old. He’s P Drizzy, no doubt about that. #NAHDRAKE.”