Nardo Wick Alleged Fan Attacker Forfeits Bond Over Missed Court Date

An associate of Nardo Wick, who was accused of brutally attacking a teenage fan last year, may have just landed himself in even more trouble.

On Wednesday (March 20), court documents obtained by TMZ revealed Zachary L. Benton, 34, missed a scheduled court date in connection to his assault of 15-year-old George Obregon last December. As a result of the missed date, Benton forfeit his $2,000 cash bond. Prior to the missed date, Benton actually turned himself in to authorities.

A 15-year-old individual was also arrested, and both were booked on felony battery charges. The teenager faces an additional charge for being a minor in possession of a firearm while wearing a mask.

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Obregon and his friend Connor Villa attended a concert Wick performed in Tampa at Club Skye. Both Obregon and Villa attempted to approach Wick’s entourage the request a photo with the “Who Want Smoke” rapper after the concert ended. That’s when Obregon was approached by Benton, who punched the teen so hard he was knocked out cold and hit his head on the pavement when he fell to the ground. Authorities allege the teenager charged alongside Obregon also struck the victim multiple times after he was knocked out, before Wick stepped in.

According to reports, Obregon was rushed to the hospital where he was allegedly treated for a severe concussion, and spots where he was believed to be hemorrhaging. Medical professionals are apparently unclear whether or not Obregon will suffer from long term effects from the attack.

Watch the video of the incident above.