New Internet Video Has People Calling Kendrick Lamar “The Riddler” In Drake Feud

The Kendrick Lamar and Drake feud is still ongoing and will carry on for a long time. Top Dawg of TDE said the beef is over, but the internet said, “No way, Jose.”

There’s been all this controversy, where Drake said that he fed Kendrick and his crew all this false information, resulting in a diss track full of lies. It sounded slick, but it didn’t seem to make sense because Drake was never able to produce the receipts one would expect to have. He just said it, and people were supposed to take it as fact.

In a recent turn of events, somebody on the internet has produced materials identical to the items used for “6:16 in LA” and “meet the grahams.” And the person seems aggravated because Drake called him a liar, which seems to have upset him. He’s even threatening legal action, which seems weird. At the end of the day, this will probably boil down to money. But extortion is illegal, so how will this play out?

My understanding is that Kendrick Lamar is completely clean in this case. The alleged shakedown seems to be coming from this unnamed individual who’s upset he’s being considered a liar.

The question is: who is this person? Based on what I can see, and that’s not a whole lot, it’s probably a security guard or someone who was able to get discarded items and save them. Another thing: my sources say it was not “stolen” from Drake, Drake’s father or anyone like that. (The dude says that as well.) How do they know that? I don’t know. That is just what was told to me.

Drake tried to get out of this mess for good reason. He recently put his Beverly Hills mansion on the market. I think, after having a beef of this magnitude, it will be difficult for him to be in the same city as his opposition’s origins — it could be dangerous. On a whole other level, living in America could be potentially problematic at this point.

The conversation has gone all the way up to Congress and they had discussed backing the American over the Canadian. That’s crazy. I’m not even gonna play with you. I want you guys to tell me in the comments what you think of this, because I find it intriguing that the internet is calling Kendrick Lamar “the Riddler.”

If any of this is true, it is a well-earned title. We are trying to figure this out as it’s unfolding, and the plot continues to thicken. Twitter is full of theories. The battle is over, but I suspect we are just witnessing the beginning of something far more complicated. And we know Kendrick Lamar has more surrounding all of this. I doubt it will be revealed lyrically, but I’m almost certain it’s somewhere in a vault or a chest full of stuff that can be revealed at any given moment.

I hope that there is an album coming, and I’ll leave it at that.