O.T. Genasis Blasted By Keyshia Cole’s Sisters After Onstage Apology 

Keyshia Cole stunned fans, bringing out O.T. Genasis during a recent concert following a bitter back-and-forth between the pair. 

“We was kinda going at it at one point, and listen, it was me,” Genasis began. “I just want to sit here today, I want to tell you I apologize to you.” 

Cole interrupted to joke “I did call you a Ninja Turtle,” before Genasis continued.  

“I want to tell you I’m sorry,” he added. “And when I met this woman, she is the sweetest, one of the greatest personalities, the greatest sense of humor, she’s really sent from God. She got a very, very, very good soul.” 

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The beef began in 2019 when Genesis covered Cole’s 2005 song “Love” without her permission, replacing the lyrics with his own Crip-inspired rendition.  

“I would like my classics to be left alone,” she stated on her podcast One On One With Keyshia Cole in 2019. “How am I going to get paid, you know what I’m saying, if you’re making new lyrics and you haven’t even sent me a check or anything like that?” 

However, O.T. Genasis didn’t take kindly to the criticism, blasting Cole and even dragging her mother Frankie into the beef.  He posted a mugshot of Cole’s reality TV star mother and claimed he had once sold crack to her, sparking backlash from Cole’s family.  

Keyshia Cole Responds After Sisters Blast O.T. Genasis

The singer’s sisters refused to accept his apology after the statements he made about Frankie, who died in 2021. Elite Noel vented on her Instagram Story. She said Genasis would have to kiss her mother’s grave before he could be forgiven.  

She and her sister Neffe also demanded that he apologize “to everybody’ and not just their famous sibling.  

However, Keyshia Cole said, “They’re entitled to feel that way.” She wrote on Instagram, “I chose differently with forgiveness… …. It all happened publicly so he apologized publicly.”