Offset Responds To Joe Budden Criticizing Cardi B’s “Like What”

Joe Budden and Migos member Offset have a long history of being on opposing sides. In addition, Budden has been routinelyy critical of recent music by Offset’s wife, Cardi B.

Shannon Sharpe invited Offset to be the latest guest on his Club Shay Shay podcast. At one point, the former NFL star asked Set about his current feelings towards Budden.

“Yeah, we’re good with Joe,” Offset told Shannon Sharpe. He continued, “I rock with Joe. I done talked to him on some man-to-man… I just feel like he’ll kick it with you and then kinda dog you out to the world.”

Set also stated, “The credits he got don’t really be matching to the people he be getting on ass. But he do got a word and sometimes he says some things that do make sense.”

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Joe Budden recently made headlines for declaring the so-called “girl rapper wave” was over. Those remarks came during his negative review of Cardi B’s “(Like What) Freestyle” track.

“I didn’t like how he was trying to s### on the females. It’s an evolution, bruh, you shouldn’t say that it’s dead,” Offset explained. “I don’t want him to come for me either. I done talked to him.”

The Georgia-raised recording artist then said, “I just disagree with your opinion of the female music. They’re doing their thing. Why s### on it? We’re good though. I don’t got no problem with nobody.”

Joe Budden walked back his controversial “girl rapper wave” eulogy. The New Jersey-bred MC-turned-podcaster later claimed his commentary applied to male music artists as well.

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