Phil Johnson Releases ”Blue Code Of Silence” FT Phil (Tre) 111 – A Sprawling And Powerful Dissection Of Modern Humanity

Phil Johnson released his latest project, a powerful and inspiring track titled “Blue Code Of Silence” FT Phil (Tre) 111. “Blue Code of Silence” is not about silence, it is a shout-out, a clear call for action that covers the subject of the police’s blue code of silence that leads to the suffering and unfair treatment of the black community.

The track, which is well produced and nicely showcases the urban poet’s sound, is a skillful combination of Phil’s groove and poetry which is set to confirm his high potential. It is not just about music or becoming popular. He discovered the poet within his soul when he was a teen and ever since he has been striving to create music with a message that is also pleasant for the public.

In these harsh times, Phil Johnson does a commendable work by denouncing police brutality through his music and raising a wide range of listeners’ awareness.

You can’t afford to ignore the powerful message that Phil Johnson is about to tell you, so make sure you hit the play button down below.