Plies Roasts “No Condom” Donald Trump Over Alleged Stormy Daniels Spanking 

Plies has been outspoken in his disdain for Donald Trump and those who champion him, especially his Black supporters, so it was no surprise that the rapper got a kick out of Stormy Daniels’ testimony about the former president in the hush money trial. 

On Tuesday (May 7), the adult film star recalled explicit details of an alleged encounter with Trump in 2026. Daniels told the court of the hotel room liaison, revealing that Trump was rude and arrogant. She suggested someone should “spank” him before “swatting him right on the butt.” Daniels also alleged they had consensual sex without a condom. 

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Plies shared his reaction to Daniels’ testimony on social media. Posting a video on X (formerly Twitter) Plies joked that he was so upset he was about to block everybody as he had been “out in the field all day” and had only just heard the news.  

According to Plies, he’s figured out why so many people, particularly men, back Trump. “I knew it was something fishy,” he declared. “Y’all muthafucking like Trump cause y’all like to be muthafucking spanked too.” 

Plies erupted into fits of laughter recalling how Stormy Daniels said Trump didn’t use a condom. 

“And that’s the other reason y’all muthafuckin like him. Cause y’all will f### anything raw just like no muthafuckin ‘no condom Donald.’” he added.  

“So Y’all Wasn’t Gone Tell Me ‘No Condom Donald’ Asked Stormy Daniels To “SPANK” Him!!!!” he wrote.  

Meanwhile, the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris campaign recently used Kendrick Lamar’s “euphoria” to diss Trump. The @BidenHQ social media accounts hared a video trolling Trump with K. Dot’s track as the soundtrack.