Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Bun B & More Weigh In On Kendrick Lamar Vs. Drake Beef

The ongoing Kendrick Lamar and Drake war of words has captivated the rap community. Twitter (X) has been a non-stop destination for those wanting to weigh in on what some are calling the most “historic” battle in rap history—and fellow MCs are no exception. A slew of artists have shared their thoughts on what’s transpired, especially over the last week.

Beginning on April 30 with Kendrick Lamar’s “euphoria,” the two rap titans have pumped out six more diss tracks aimed at each other’s jugulars. It appeared to culminate on Sunday (May 5), when Drake dropped “The Heart Part 6” and seemed to call it a day with the lines, “I don’t even wanna diss you anymore/This s### really got me second guessing” and “I give a f### about your streamin’ data/You could drop a hundred more records, I’ll see you later.”

But the discussion is far from over. As of Monday (May 6), Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s public discourse is dominating Twitter (X). Chuck D, one of Hip-Hop’s most revolutionary and respected voices, used his artistic talent to comment. Sketching J. Cole, Kendrick and Drake, Chuck added images of the Gaza-Israeli War protests, jails, Trump, Biden and Haiti, suggesting the “Big Three” could use this moment to address more important issues impacting the world today.

Chuck D also said he was team Kendrick Lamar but called the entire beef “low hanging kid s###” and suggested J. Cole, Kendrick and Drake would be better off joining forces.

When I entered the rap game at 27 in 1987, I wanted to challenge ROCK music fandom and administration. I didn’t treat hip-hop like some kid sht because I wasn’t a kid. I didn’t make music for kids, but if they got it, it wouldn’t ROT them. When I turned 30, I was old in Rap. Same with 40, 50, 60.. now, with all going on in the world, 40 year olds asking me about 3 millionaire great rappers beefing.

“Small sht has ROCK music making my genre appear like f##### romper room sht in 2024. This coming off, imo, the greatest rap year ever. These fantastic 3 rappers (I’m biased for KL ) have songs that never will get this public attention hence this low hanging kid sht turns casuals heads . Get them all on a TOUR so we can pick seats .. we say in sports.”

Bun B, meanwhile, reminded everyone battling is simply part of Hip-Hop culture with, “Rap is a competitive sport. Battling is a necessary part of it. But it’s not for the weak. This battle is also keeping other rappers on their toes just in case. So the next guys to battle will come over prepared lol. Fans get more music done at a high level. No one is physically hurt. Enjoy it! I know I am!”


Open Mike Eagle, who made a compelling argument, called out Drake for allegedly lying about tricking KendrickL Lamar into believing made-up rumors about having a “secret” daughter. At the same time, he took issue with both men using women in an attempt to make their respective points.

“Last thing imma say tonight is that the idea that drake fed kendrick the secret daughter idea is complete b#######,” he said. “If you paid attention to how drake reacted to it that night. and also all the women in these dude’s lives being used as ammunition is completely f#####.”

Rodney O, one-half of the duo Rodney O & Joe Cooley, is the genesis of the Future and Metro Boomin track “Like That” featuring Kendrick that set the entire beef off. The duo’s 1988 song, “Everlasting Bass,” was sampled for the chart-topping hit. He chimed in via Instagram, writing, “SO THIS GUYS BEAT STARTED ALL THIS S###. SORRY NOT SORRY!”

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Of course, social media seems to be a hamster wheel at the moment, with hot take after hot take coming in faster than a bullet train.

Find a few more of the reactions to the Kendrick Lamar and Drake situation below.

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