Ray J Proposes TV Deal To Chrisean Rock: “Whatever She Wants To Do”

Ray J wants Chrisean Rock to join his Tronix network. The singer offered Chrisean a partnership as he eagerly hoped to start negotiations with her.

“If somebody can find Chrisean and tell her let’s work something out, whatever she wants to do,” Ray J said on social media. “We’re different from other networks. She might be looking into her own [network]. Okay, cool! Look, it’s all good. I mean I got some powerhouse partners like Young Rich Mula and Stunna Girl. We locked in and they already got they network. We already helped create a whole streaming platform called Redrum TV.”

He continued, “Redrum TV is collaborating with Tronix. And I think that’s how we want to do it with everybody eventually to where everybody has their own network and then we all just partner up on networks. And instead of m############ fighting for – I don’t know – clout, you can be fighting for network rights and fighting for who has the biggest platform. That’s the big play. That’s where everybody eats.”

Ray J pitched Tronix as the home of rachet reality TV that’s “cutting edge.” He said Chrisean was featured in the network’s show House of Blueface, a revamped version of Blue Girls Club. Earlier this month, Chrisean declared she was no longer interested in appearing on that type of show.

“I got no clue what rayj talking bout on the breakfast club but wuddup wit it,” she wrote on Instagram Stories. “Just letting yall know im in my elevating era so popping off like I use to ain’t me no more I literally got females following what I did I’m making room for big dog stuff instead… im into movies or something serious in the film production world more likely to be on BMF then a crouchy type bad girls club type of show again.”

She added, “Also im spreading my interest into owning a network my self wit potential partners I gotta accumulate yall watching me for something great more inspiring than drama it’s ok I been loading up n putting everything together every thing will be coming soon just expect nothing but elevation.”

Ray J’s network offers subscriptions for $4.99 per month. Annual plans cost $49.99.

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