Report: Diddy’s Not Under Arrest And Not Running From The Law

In exclusive footage obtained by TMZ, Diddy can be seen calmly pacing around outside a Customs office at Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport, just hours after federal raids on his homes.

Contrary to expectations of handcuffs and detainment, Diddy appears to be in a daze or confused in the video. Eyewitnesses recount Diddy’s encounter with federal agents, noting that he was stopped alongside others in his party, yet not detained.

This counters reports that he might be fleeing from the authorities.

The latest reports indicate that Diddy, awaiting companions who were also questioned, was associated with a separate private jet at Opa Locka when Homeland Security personnel arrived. Despite the intensity of the situation, Diddy’s demeanor suggests he’s not immediately being arrested.

This airport rendezvous follows simultaneous raids conducted in Los Angeles and Miami, initiated by allegations of federal crimes levied against Diddy in various lawsuits. There are presently claims of sex trafficking, which have been vehemently refuted by the mogul. Federal officials have initiated interviews with individuals connected to these allegations, indicating an ongoing investigation.

Diddy’s camp has not commented at press time.