Rising Artist BlessedKingTheArtist Release Major Debut Music Video “Tennessee”

Rising artist BlessedKingTheArtist has just released a major debut track and music video titled “Tennessee.” It was on one of his first trips to Tennessee that he got inspired to write this song, a fantastic fusion between different urban styles including R&B, pop, and Hip-Hop. Recorded in Baltimore, the drop of “Tennessee” is the ideal way to introduce himself to the North American fans. BlessedKingTheArtisy moved to the US from Cameroon in 2017, after graduating from his University in Yaounde. His multicultural background enriches his sound, and allows him to undeniably offer something new to the scene, while embodying a fiery groove present throughout this track. Fans will be excited to know that a music video has been released alongside the single, so stream it below: