SIGNS: Donald Trump Warns Of “Bloodbath” In U.S. If Not Re-Elected

Donald Trump finds himself once again under the microscope for his fiery rhetoric, this time igniting controversy at a campaign rally in Dayton, Ohio.

In a jaw-dropping declaration, Trump warned of a potential “bloodbath for the country” should he fail to secure re-election. Considering the events of the insurrection following the 2020 election on January 6, his statement is sending shockwaves through the political arena.

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But that’s not all–Trump’s rally rampage didn’t stop there. The Republican firebrand also unleashed a barrage of dehumanizing anti-immigrant rhetoric, evoking eerie echoes of Hitler-like phrasing about immigrants “poisoning the blood” of America. His words, dripping with vitriol, sparked condemnation from all corners. And in a no-holds-barred interview with Fox News journalist Howard Kurtz, Trump doubled down on his controversial statements, slamming late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, comparing migrants to “vermin,” and even suggesting a 16-week national abortion ban to court the Christian right.

But Trump remains defiant in the face of backlash, taking to Truth Social to fire back at the media, accusing them of feigned shock over his choice of words. Alyssa Farah Griffin, conservative co-host of the network television show “The View” directly challenged Trump following his comments at the rally and recent posts on the Truth social app.

“Again, we were literally hoarding toilet paper on this date 4 years ago,” Griffin wrote in tweet.

Spokespeople for Joe Biden wasted no time in accusing him of “endorsing political violence,” particularly in light of his lamentation over the fate of the “J6 hostages.”

As the political arena braces for the fallout from Trump’s rally rhetoric, one thing’s for certain–the former president shows no signs of toning down his trademark bombast anytime soon.

Watch the harrowing clip above.