Sonny Digital Fires Back At GloRilla’s Claim There’s “A Drought On Good Beats”

Sonny Digital appears to feel blindsided by Create Music Group (CMG) signee GloRilla.

The “Wanna Be” rapper ruffled feathers on Twitter (X) earlier this week after suggesting she has an issue with the current landscape producers have crafted. In a brief remark, she appeared to write off the creativity of multiple generation’s of producers in one-fell-swoop, writing, “It’s a drought on good beats.”

Producer extraordinaire Sonny Digital caught wind of the tweet and promptly took issue with Glo’s opinion. So much so he responded, “Just ain’t f###ing with the right producers,” in a quoted reply to her original tweet.

As if the disapproval from the “Same Damn TIme” hitmaker wasn’t enough, veteran producers Cardo and Metro Boomin also appeared to staunchly disagree with GloRilla. In fact, Cardo literally laughed the claim off whilst Metro responded, “lol crazy right.”

GloRilla’s most recent project, Ehhthang Ehhthang, included production contributions from the likes of d.a got that dope, Go Grizzly, Goliath Beatz and several others. In total, at least 19 producers received direct and co-production credits on the album. With that being said, is the all of the blame on GloRilla for being hasty, or her team for not scouting more seasoned producers?

Check out the exchange above.