The Alchemist Is Either Related To This New York Knicks Star Player Or It’s His Youthful Twin

Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids has raised an interesting theory about producer The Alchemist’s NBA player doppelgänger—and now it’s something that we can’t unsee.

Long story short, Chuck proposed New York Knicks guard Donte DiVencenzo favors The Alchemist or at least a version of him in the past. The “Connect Four” MC made the claim on Twitter (X) recently, and in doing so, referenced the beatsmith’s debut album, First Infantry, which was released in 2004.

“DiVincenzo is First Infantry @Alchemist once you see it. You cant unsee it,” Chuck Inglish wrote.

In the thread along with Chuck’s tweet, a user attached a clip of the music video for the standout record “Hold You Down” from the project featuring the late Mobb Deep rapper, Prodigy. In the aforementioned clip, the similarities of The Alchemist and DiVenchenzo’s likeness is hard to shake off, especially at a glance.

It’s worth noting that The Alchemist is more on the spectrum of having brown hair rather than being a redhead, like DiVincenzo. Not to mention the fact that Chuck is comparing the two based on what The Alchemist looked like nearly two full decades ago.

However, pretty much everything else is there from the thin mustache to the similarities in their hairstyles and somewhat facial structure. We might need Knicks superfan Fat Joe to step in and make a decision on this either way.

Check out the visual above and make a comparison of the pair of your own by checking out DiVincenzo’s post below.

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