The EP Titled Pages Of Me: Chapter One By 5’2 Shows Her Full Control Of Melodies & Visual Storytelling

The home to 7 songs  – EP Pages Of Me: Chapter One is the latest release by the multi-talented female rapper 5’2 is perfectly showing us that her talent knows no boundaries.
The tracklist with a powerful freestyling is a project that succeeds by further propelling the rapper’s soaring momentum even while in lockdown.
As it may be clear from the title, Pages Of Me: Chapter One is a distinctive, sharp, and very personal record – a piece of relatable music that 5’2 creates to connect to her on a soulful level. With her immersive experience and emotional lyrics, 5’2 gives us a deep dive into her psyche while also ceremoniously setting the stage for her new path to becoming one among Hip Hop’s elite.